Hi there! I’m Camille. I’m a UX/UI Designer based in …

Hi there! I’m Camille.

I’m a UX/UI Designer based in Ottawa! I am a graduate from BCIT’S Digital Design and Development Program, where I have developed a strong foundation in creating interactive and dynamic applications and websites.

My curiosity fuels my eagerness to learn new things. That same curiosity drives me to find appreciation for UX. It’s a platform to ascertain more about how people function—subsequently, how they work, think and find solutions to their problems.

I have taken on numerous side projects, such as designing and creating websites and posters for start-ups based in the Philippines.

I love exploring the world, both physical and literal. I have an appetite for stories and experiences. I love getting lost in a graphic novel and the bounds of my imagination, and then finding myself in the real moments that life has to offer.

Overall, I am a dedicated worker, who’s extremely forward thinking and passionate about innovation.

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