TotilPay is a fully certified POS solution with an integrated EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) software so that merchants and mobile vendors no longer have to worry about check-out inefficiency, difficult record keeping requirements, and multiple POS systems.  



The team and I were not only building a website but doing a rebrand at the same time. Before starting on the research side for the website, I decided to start with the colour scheme that will be sued both for branding and website. I researched the different psychology behind certain colours and ultimately landed on using 2 colours together: blue and yellow. I decided to use blue to help the customers feel the trust and dependability of the product and yellow so they can also feel the optimism of the product as well as happiness while trying to find the perfect EBT system for them.


After, I started with researching other EBT/point-of-sales products and went through their websites and did more research into the customer reviews, trying to find reviews on the website from actual users.




Once the layout was created, and the colours and typography were picked, I started creating the mockups to present to the client.


After 2 rounds of revisions on each page, the designs were handed off to the developers.



At the end, the client walked away with a website talking about them, their product, and the different product options their clients can pick from.



Client: TotilPay
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Date: 2019
Softwares: Sketch