SRV Canada VRS

SRV Canada VRS helps the Deaf, Hard of Hearing or speech-impaired Canadians make
telephone calls via Internet-based videoconferencing technology.



This project brought up many challenges for me. Not only was this my first time ever creating a website tailored to the deaf community in Canada, but it was also my first time having to use the principles of accessibility design. Another challenge was the complexity of the app – depending on the device type, browser window, and operating system, users had the option to use different kinds of the same app. It was our job to find a way to tie in all the information together while making it easy for the user to navigate through the website and the different app options.



The first thing I researched were the principles of accessibility design. We needed to make this website as friendly as possible to people with different impairments. I also had to research on the deaf community, learning how they communicate and interpret information.




Once research was done, I moved into the design phase right away. Using the knowledge I had acquired from the research phase, I used the principles for accessibility design while also using the principles for UX design to be able to create the website.

Each page was printed and brought to the client to be able to show them how the overall page looks while also showing them where each button or link went to.


After 2-3 rounds of iterations for each page, the designs were sent to development to create the current SRV Canada VRS website.


SRV Canada VRS
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Date: 2019-2020
Softwares: Sketch

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