Kafo is an app that lets users know if they have enough time to grab a coffee before their bus arrives.


Brief Overview:

My team and I used React Native to build Kafo, an app made for everyday commuters around Vancouver. Using both Google Maps API and Translink API, we were able to create a fully functioning app that some Kafo team members use on a daily basis.



My Roles:

Project Manager

As project manager, I managed a team of 4 girls and ensured the project was on track by using tools such as Asana and Slack. I checked up on the progress of each team member weekly, I organized the meetings, and kept track of meeting minutes and also organized the user testing.  



I created certain assets needed for the app and assisted in UX/UI. I also created some animations used throughout the pages of the app


Front-end Developer

I was responsible for coding out certain pages using React Native.



Kafo started out as a project during my third semester in BCIT. I was recruited as the project manager and designer, and helped out with some of the front-end development. My team and I were introduced to React Native during our third semester and decided to use this as our main programming language to create the app. Because we were just learning React Native, there was a learning curve we all had to get through; it was difficult to make sure we were all on track with the schedule we had given ourselves for the app while learning about React Native.

At the end of the semester, we had to present our apps in front of 100 students and industry reps where we showed them how our app worked. In the end, my team and I were able to create a fully functioning app that calculates walking distance from your location to the coffee shop to the closest bus stop, has a live bus tracker with options of different bus times, gives you the option to pick any coffee shop, and a countdown timer to make sure you get to your bus stop on time.


Client: BCIT – Semester 3, KAFO
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Date: 2017
Softwares/Skills: Sketch, React Native, Lottie