Enactus Action Hours

Enactus is a student run club who believe that entrepreneurial action matched with sustainable business practices can empower communities around the world.

Brief Overview:

The Time Keeping App helps the Enactus team members keep track of their voluntary hours (“Action hours”) with ease. The teams were using programs such as google docs and excel to keep track. Using this apps makes storing and tracking data an easy process.


My Role:

UX/UI & Web Designer:

As the only designer on the team, I was tasked with creating the wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and all assets while making sure I was creating both a website and app that would be easy for the Enactus team members to use.



The very first step was to talk to the project lead on why they are having difficulty and what they would need to make the process easier for them. I kept track of all the information given to me by the project lead including what features they would like

User Flow:

The app is divided into 3 different kinds of user: Super Admin, Admin, User.

Super Admin: this user is essentially the project lead. They have the ability to assign admin profiles as well as view the Action Hours of each project, person, and their own personal hours. The Super Admin also has the ability to download the statistics in a cvs format.

Admin: This user has almost all the same capabilites as the Super Admin except for assining admin profiles.

User: this user only has the ability to log in their Action Hours and view their own statistics.

I created a user flow to be able to see the different actions each type of member would be doing on the app/website as well as the different features available to each type of user.


Wireframes and Mockups:

Once the user flows were completed, I started creatin wireframes using the information from both the research and the user flow. I kept the project lead in the loop throughout the wireframe process, explaining to her what the layout for each page would look like.


Once wireframes were approved, I went straight to creating both the mockups and prototypes.

I used Axure to create the prototypes, which were used to do a round of user testing on actual Enactus members. The feedback given to us during the user testing was used to make tweaks and edits to the design of the app/website.


Client: Enactus BCIT
Date: 2017-2018
Roles: UX/UI and Web Designer
Softwares: Illustrator, Photoshop, Proto.io