Vancouver Ballet Society

Vancouver Ballet Society offers dance students classes with the most prominent artists and companies across Canada.


The challenge was to be able to create a site that was easy to use for their target market. Majority of the people coming to the website are of a slightly older crowed and needed a website that would make it easy to access all important information regarding shows and fundraising events to help the ballerinas.


As the designer, another challenge was communicating with the developer to ensure he understood the design of the website. There were some problems in the development stage, which meant changing some of the design and layout.





The design process always starts with research. I went through their latest website and studied other non-profit dance studios and music studios to see what worked and what didn’t work.

Style Tiles:

Once research was over, I created different style tiles showcasing different colour themes and font styles to match their current logo for the new website. At the same time, I started playing around with different layout options to figure out the best way to convey information for their target market.



After the client agreed on a colour scheme and approved the layout, I started the design process. After each design was made, a round of user testing was conducted to see if it was user friendly for their target market. After a few rounds and a few changes, the Vancouver Ballet Society has a fully functioning, fully responsive website created to meet their needs and the needs of their users.


Client: Vancouver Ballet Society
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Date: 2018
Softwares: Sketch, InVision