BASI Tropical Towels

BASI is a start up based in the Philippines that sells beach towels and ponchos.

Brief Overview:

BASI approached me with a website made on Wix and asked me to create a fully functioning e-commerce site. I used WordPress and used plugins such as WooCommerce to help create the store, and yoastSEO to make sure their website would appear on Google when searched.




My role during this project spanned from designer, to developer, and photographer as well. Not only did this mean managing my time in order to play these different roles, but also making sure the project was completed in time. The BASI brand did not also have a very clear brand guideline, forcing me to create one while working on the project



During the research phase, I went into their old (at the time made on Wix) website to go through the entire process they had created for viewings products, ordering, and paying. After, I went through the design to note certain design concepts. that worked and did not work.


User Journey:

I created the user journey to better understand the needs of both the website and the clients. I mapped out the different interactions the user would have before possibly paying for the product itself.



Using Sketch, I created wireframes to find the best layout that would work for the website. I needed to make sure the layout fit the needs of both the client and the user.




I created different mockups to conceptualize different design ideas presented to the client. At the end, the BASI team walked away with a fully functioning, responsive e-commerce website.



Client: BASI Tropical Towels
Location: Manila, Philippines
Date: 2017
Softwares: Sketch, Lightroom, WordPress
Skills: UX/UI, Design, Project Management, Communication, Development, Photography