Waves Coffee

During my 2 month internship at Forge and Smith I was tasked with designing 3 landing pages for Waves Coffee. Waves wanted these pages to have different themes: proudly Canadian, a place to connect, and creating the perfect cup of coffee.


The challenge of this task was to make sure I created a landing page that presented their goals. I also needed to make sure that the design stayed on brand while sticking to my own design style.



Like any other project, the first step was to do the research. I went through the current Waves website and noted down the important information needed for the landing pages. I studied the design and certain aspects of the websites.


After the research, I started the wireframe process. I played around with different layouts until finding the right one that displayed the information well.


After iterations and approval of the layout, the design process started. I stuck closely to the brand style guide. Once designs were created, I performed user research to validate the design and the way information was being shown. After a few changes, the designs were approved and went into development.


Client: Waves Coffee
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Date: 2018
Softwares: Sketch